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Tafsir Surah Yasin

Tafsir Surah Yasin

  • Sundays for 7 Sessions
  • Starts 6th February 2022
  • Ends 20th March 2022
  • 9.30am to 11am
  • Online Course Only
  • Course Code #TSY1

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Surah Yasin is one of the most reverend Surahs of the Quran. This surah has been memorized, recited, and listened to by all Muslims throughout the world with great respect and sanctity.

Embark on a journey that is sure to enlighten, educate and stimulate your heart and mind. Discover several fundamental messages embedded in one of the most beautiful chapters of the glorious Quran. The Surah has all the original themes of the entire Quran. The basis of the Quran is the knowledge of our coming to this world and about things to come after death in the Hereafter. The requisite of knowing God is the knowledge about God’s messengers.

Throughout this mesmerising Surah, you will witness the stories of paradise and the people of paradise and the bounties therein as well as hell and hell dwellers and sorrows therein, inspiring mankind to ponder and reflect. The Surah highlights the most important aspect of our faith, Tawheed (Monotheism), emphasising the connection between mankind and its Creator and the afterlife.

What this course covers:
  • An enlightening journey into realms of Tawheed (Monotheism)
  • The sublime authority and control of the creator
  • The reality of Resurrection
  • A detailed description of the reward of the believers and the punishment of the disbelievers in the hereafter
  • An explanation of the path to paradise
  • Appreciating and reflecting upon the very signs you once neglected
  • Tasting the bliss of Paradise and the bitterness of Hellfire
  • Falling in love with this chapter and the miracle of language used therein
Important points for explanations:
  • Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa alihi wasallam, “The heart of the Universe”
  • The people of Paradise
  • Signs of the hour
  • The importance of realization
  • The Justice of the creator
  • The reality of facing Regret and sorrow
  • The wisdom behind causing our limbs to speak on the Day of Judgement
  • The daily overlooked occurrence that proves the miracle of resurrection
  • Why the blowing of a horn is necessary to commence the Day of Judgement


Teaching methodology will include:
  • Word for word translation of every verse.
  • Cross-referencing with related verses and prophetic traditions.
  • Provision of the historical context where applicable.
  • Detailed commentary accompanied by the scholarly conclusions of leading Mufassirūn [Qurānic exegetes].
  • Extraction of life lessons and themes.
  • Group discussions were considered suitable

Instructor: Moulana Muaadth Allie

Moulana Muaadth Allie is the Director and founder of The Sakinah Foundation, Co-Imam at the Castle Town Road Masjid, Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN). Marriage counsellor, Cape Town Muslim Events and The Knowledge Zone resident lecturer, Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual adviser. Teaching since 1998

Online: Zoom Webinar

Investment (per person) Fee includes:
  • Access to all 7 Live sessions
  • Notes via email or WhatsApp
  • Additional Resources sent via Whatsapp
  • Q and A

Payment Option A:
Early Bird Once Off Fee – R320.00 Per device [Pay only once and save R40]


Payment Option B:
2 payments of R180.00 per device

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