Quran Reading for Beginners

Surah Yaseen (1)


A specially designed workshop for individuals taking their first steps in learning to read the Holy Quran. This introductory workshop aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the basics of Quranic reading, including the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, understanding various symbols, and mastering the art of joining letters seamlessly. With a focus on reading the Quran with Tajweed rules, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn under the guidance of expert teachers. Embark on your spiritual journey with confidence and the blessings of Allah (In sha Allah).

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

It’s never too late to start learning to read the Quran!

This workshop will help students in the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and then slowly move to joining letters to make words. They will learn about the basic rules of Quran recitation (Tajweed). By the end of this workshop, the student will be able to look directly into the Quran and read. In-Sha-Allah

This course is best for all beginners both Males and Females, Adults and Youth (teens), as it provides a fun and exciting atmosphere to learn Qur’an

Course Overview: 

1 – Arabic Alphabets

2 – Harakaat (Short Vowels)

3 – Joining the letters together

4 – Sukoon & Saakinah letters

5 – Tanween

6 – Madd Letters

7 – Shaddah

8 – Reading Practice

NOW you have a great opportunity to start


Moulana Hafith Qaari Saalim Peck’s and guests

Dates and Times:

12 Sessions [3 months]


  • Starts 27th July 2024
  • Break: 28th September and 5th October 2024
  • Ends 26th October 2024
  • 11am to 1pm

Investment: (per person)

  • Access to all Sessions
  • Student pack containing: book, pen, pencil, and folder
  • All printed notes or course booklet
  • Individual assistance
  • WhatsApp Audio feedbacks
  • Weekly Audio Assists
  • Certificate on successful completion

Registration Fee: R250 (One-time payment, grants access to all future Quran classes without additional registration fees for subsequent levels.)


Early Bird Once Off – R950.00 per person [Pay only once and save R70] [excludes the upfront registration fee of R250]


Payment Plan:

3  payments of R340.00 per person [excludes the upfront registration fee of R250]

Discounts of 20% are available for the following groups: pensioners, youth under 18 years old, recent reverts, and siblings.

Very Limited seating: Please book early to avoid disappointment 


The Knowledge Zone – 541 Lansdowne Rd, Lansdowne

  • Off street parking
  • Car Guards patrolling
  • Air-condition Facilities
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Friendly Staff
  • Wudu Facilities
  • Backup power in case of Loadshedding

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Quran Reading for Beginners #B558

Student Testimonials and Evaluations

“Moulana is the best Walahie. I was so super rusty and within 8 weeks Ya Allah I could identify and pronounce and remember so much better to how we were taught back in the day. I wish he taught kids too. He would be the most amazing foundation phase for the young ones.”

“This course is amazing for anyone wanting to learn to read Quran or even just wanting a refresher. It is taught in a learner friendly pace, and everything is thoroughly explained. I would highly recommend the course. Moulana Saalim Peck is a brilliant teacher. He has been so inspiring and has an excellent knowledge of what he is teaching.”


“Shukran so much Moulana Qaari Saalim Peck and Shamiel. This course is life changing. I will not bore you with stories of how many times I’ve thought about trying to recite but never had the courage to follow through on it. Following a series of unfortunate events, I found myself signing up. I was scared but the minute Moulana started talking in that very first class all the fear disappeared. Reciting along with Saturday morning classes has been the highlight of my weeks. My heart is full Alhamdulillah. I never thought I was capable of doing all that you have taught me. I’d recommend this course for anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to recite Quran, from someone who’s last recited in primary school and had forgotten everything but the alphabet. Looking forward to the next series of workshops insha allah”


“With every session I felt that I learnt something important. Initially I didn’t understand the approach, but it soon became clear and today I feel so blessed to have accomplished and completed the first step of my goal. Alhamdulillah, Shukran to Allah for allowing Moulana to share his valuable knowledge with me. Moulana is very real and sincere in his teaching, and I appreciate his manner of teaching.”

It is advertised as beginner level and it’s exactly that. It can be daunting to start out initially but because the course literally starts from the basics, it allows students to start at the same point and build a solid foundation regardless of their past knowledge.”

As my problem was that I have learnt too many scripts attending many Islamic institutions from a young age without proper pronunciation and recognition of letters I found the technique helpful, simple to comprehend and a skill useful to be able to use myself and to teach my own kids, spiritually I also feel uplifted and eager to continue to build MY RELATIONSHIP with the Quran Alhamdullilah.”

Whether you a beginner or want a refresher on Quran recitation this course I would highly recommend. Well structured, knowledgeable staff and teaching methods that gains maximum benefit to the student.”

“The unique ways (“methodology”) of breaking up the letters or words to make it easier to learn the Arabic rules. E.g., having the letters separate, then partly together and then completely combined to show how letters look when they are on their own compared to combined within a word.

The Beginner Quran class doesn’t only teach you the important Arabic language rules, but to love the Holy Quran. And start connecting or reconnecting with your Creator and His (SWT) words.

Quran Recitation and Talks by Moulana Saalim Peck


The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Participation at the event is entirely at your own risk.

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