Hidden Treasures of Surah Al-Kahf: Fridays from 21st February 2020 : 8.10pm to 9.30pm [7 weeks] #Kahf201

Hidden Treasures of Surah Al-Kahf

Taught by Moulana Muaadth Allie

Enhance your ability to better worship Allah SWT, through

the Understanding of The Holy Quran. 


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) recited Surah Kahf every Friday and he recommended we do the same. The recital of this surah is said to protect its readers from the anti-Christ / Ad Dajjal and affords the reader the divine protection of Allah from one Friday to the next. Do not miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of identifying trials and combating it as we explain the verses of Surah al-Kahf.



The Messenger of Allāh [peace be upon] has warned against trial after trial which will afflict humanity until the end of times. In one tradition these trials are likened to surging waves which strike the beach one after the other. [Bukhārī: 3586]

In another, he said: “Hasten with the doing of good deeds before trials come which will only worsen like the darkening stages of the night. A man will be a believer in the morning and a disbeliever by nightfall or a believer at night and a disbeliever with the arrival of dawn. He will sell his religion for some worldly commodity.” [Muslim: 118]

The principal sūrah in the Qurān that deals with temptation and trials is sūrah 18: al-Kahf. The Messenger of Allāh [peace be upon him] said: “Anyone who recites sūrah al-Kahf on the day of Jumu`ah [i.e Friday] it will provide him with (guiding) light from that Friday to the next.” [Ḥākim, Mustadrak, vol. 2, p. 368 and Bayhaqī, Sunan Kubrā, vol. 3, p. 249]

He also said: “Whoever recites the final ten verses of sūrah al-Kahf will be protected from the temptation (or trial) of Dajjāl.” [Muslim: 809]

The ḥadith also mention that every prophet that Allāh had sent to humanity warned his people against the coming of Dajjāl [Bukhārī: 6598] which has caused many scholars to believe that he is the greatest evil which will ever be released on mankind. Consequently, devout Muslims recite sūrahal-Kahf at least once a week – usually on Fridays – to provide them with guidance and protection until their next recital.

The importance of understanding the Quran

The importance of understanding the Quran

The Quran has been described by Muslim scholars in both poetry and prose as an ocean without shores. This is because scholars do not get tired of its study. Every examination of its verses produces new understandings previously hidden from discovery.

The Qurān speaks to the unsophisticated just as it speaks to the brilliant. Each walk away with a valid understanding peculiar to their level of education and grasp. No individual, nation or even humanity at large develops their knowledge base except that they discover new meanings to the Qurān inspired by these advancements.

The Qurān never lags behind and instead stays on par with the individual. It is, in fact, always ahead of us and waiting for us to catch up so that we can enter new dimensions of consciousness. As such, when one enters the medium of the Qurān, one has entered an ocean of infinite development and discovery, the pleasures of which will never come to an end.

The Qurān is the constitution of all Muslims and their guidebook through life, and so they are all required to be acquainted with its basic message and directives. This is only achievable via regular contact with the Quran such as that made during its recital, study, practice or propagation.

To do otherwise is to have abandoned the Qurān and the lifestyle that it calls towards.

Course outline:

  • The destructive nature of fitnah [temptation and trials] and how as a Muslim to protect your faith in Allāh and maintain your commitments to Him.
  • Clarification on the four areas of trials of trials of this life:
    religion, wealth, knowledge and Power

via the stories of the sleepers of the cave, the two men of the gardens, the teacher Khidr and Dhū al-Qarnayn.

  • The astounding power of the narrative in the clarification of eternal secrets of success and its amazing efficacy in inducing action in the most resistant of people.
  • The four levels of da`wah [inviting to the path of Allāh].

Teaching methods will include:

  • From the historical context where applicable
  • Exposition of the wisdom of sūrah placement in the sequence of the Qurān
  • Discussion as to the primary content and overriding themes of each sūrah
  • Word-for-word translation of every verse
  • Cross-referencing with related verses and prophetic traditions
  • Detailed commentary accompanied by the scholarly conclusions of leading Mufassirūn [Qurānic exegetes]
  • Extraction of pertinent life lessons
  • Group discussions will be considered where suitable

Instructor: Moulana Muaadth Allie

  • Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN)



    The classes was well organised, very informative, great time and the instructor was also very entertaining. Moulana made the class exceptionally easy to understand and kept the class interesting with his engagement with the class. His knowledge of the topics discussed were also really vast and I appreciated the fact that he often made examples during discussions to ease our understanding. The instructor was knowledgable and made classes run by adding some humour. Mln Allie has a great abundance of knowledge. Every class was very informational. Well planned and classically funny. Overall result of the course was really informative and helpful and relatable. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Click to listen to a lecture  – https://soundcloud.com/mrshamiel77/heaven-and-hell-by-moulana-muaadth-allie

Dates & Times:

  • Fridays [7 weeks]
  • Starts 21st February 2020
  • Ends 17th April 2020
  • 8.10pm to 9.30pm
  • no class in school Holidays


The Knowledge Zone / The Deen Store – 541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne (See map here)

  • Patrolled parking
  • Air conditioning

Investment per person:

  • Monthly fee: R220 x 2
  • Once off fee: R400 (R40 savings)
  • Student pack containing: Notes, scarp book, pen and folder (provided)

Kindly note that we are not funded and all fees collected are used to cover operational expenses and salaries. In sha Allah


  • Limited seats and payment secures your seat.
  • The Deen Store, 541 Lansdowne Rd, Lansdowne (See map here)

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Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are among the best. We are determined to provide our students with instructors who take professionalism, effectiveness and expertise to the max. Along with tremendous knowledge, our instructors are also engaging and exciting, so that our courses will provide you with some of the most interesting days you’ve ever spent learning Islam. In sha Allah

About CTME Courses

About CTME Courses

Cape Town Muslim Events Education department (The Knowledge Zone) has been around officially since 2011. Over the past few years, thousands of students have studied with us. Our aim is to deliver outstanding education that enriches people’s lives underpinned by an Islamic ethos and to make traditional Islamic education accessible and relevant.

O Allah, I ask Thee for BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE, acceptable action, and good provision.” (Al-Tirmidhi).

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