Heaven’s Door: Saturdays from 16th November 2019: 5pm to 7pm #HDA49

When the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was dying, he was given the choice of either living longer or returning to His Lord. He chose the Highest Company. He said, “Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, said, ‘If My slave longs to meet Me, I long to meet him, and if he is averse to meeting Me, I am averse to meeting him.'”

Heaven’s Door is for those who are aware that time is passing, that this world is leaving them, that the next world is approaching them, and that Allah is Real. It is for those who would hate to be in the Fire and who long to be in the Garden.

It is for those who find themselves knocking on heaven’s door.

Death is a doorway through which every one of us must pass. Both before and beyond this doorway there are many doorways through which we must pass if we are to find ourselves finally entering through one of the eight gates which are heaven’s door.

What you will gain:
Sharpen your skills: 
Learn new ideas and approaches to make your Ibaadah with khusu.
Get greater focus:
Absorb the energy of like-minded individuals who will Spur you on to truly focus on your journey to Allah.
Invest in yourself:
What better gift can you give yourself than seeking and applying your knowledge for the sake of Allah Almighty.
Course outline:
  1. Introduction
  2. Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil
  3. Remembering Death
  4. Punishment and Blessings in The Grave
  5. The Day of Rising
  6. Heaven and Hell


Moulana Dawood Sampson: Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle,  Imam of Parkwood, Masjidus Sabr, Marriage counsellor, Cape Town Muslim Events and The Knowledge Zone resident lecturer, Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual adviser.

Moulana Muaadth Allie Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN), Co-Imam at the Castle Town Road Masjid. Marriage counsellor, Cape Town Muslim Events and The Knowledge Zone resident lecturer, Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual adviser.

Dates & Times:

  • Saturdays – 4 Sessions (once a week)
  • 16th November to 7th December 2019
  • 5pm to 7pm
  • Book early to avoid disappointment

Course includes

  • Access to all 4 sessions (Full course)
  • Student pack containing: book, pen and folder
  • All printed notes or course booklet
  • Certificate on successful completion


The Knowledge Zone / The Deen Store 541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne (See map here)

  • Parking patrolled
  • Coffee and snacks on sale
  • Air-Conditioned Facilities


  • Once off: R250 per person
  • Pensioners & Youth Under 18yrs – R125 – once off fee for full course

Kindly note that we are a non funded organisation and all fees collected are used to cover operational expenses. In sha Allah


Limited seats per class – Payment secures your seat.


Banking Details:

EFT and Cellphone banking only , no cash deposits allowed !

Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account Name: Cape Town Muslim Events
Branch Name: Kromboom
Branch Code: 026209
Account Number: 300794711
Account Type: Cheque Account

Reference : Your Name, Surname and Course code: #HDA49

*Kindly Fax or email proof of payment to 086 551 8032 / admin@theknowledgezone.co.za

Cash or Card payments can be made at The Deen Store – 541 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne. (See map here)

Contact Us:

Our Instructors are among the best. We are determined to provide our students with instructors who take professionalism, effectiveness and expertise to the max. Along with tremendous knowledge, our instructors are also engaging and exciting, so that our courses will provide you with some of the most interesting days you’ve ever spent learning Islam. In sha Allah

About us: Cape Town Muslim Events partnership courses have been around officially since 2011. Over the past few years, thousands of students have studied with us. Our aim is to deliver outstanding education that enriches people’s lives underpinned by an Islamic ethos and to make traditional Islamic education accessible and relevant.

O Allah, I ask Thee for BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE, acceptable action, and good provision.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Actions are known and evaluated by the intentions behind them and intentions are dependant on knowledge. The actions of a a wise man are very different to those of an ignorant fool, even if outwardly they may appear to be similar. Good actions are dependant on a clean heart, and it is only once the heart has been purified that a person can concern themseselves with guiding the actions of others. 

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