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THE GARB OF THE PIOUS : Islamic Guide to Success

  • Mondays for 4 Sessions
  • Starting 31st January 2022
  • Ends 21st February 2022
  • 7pm to 9pm
  • This course is Online only
  • Course Code: #Garb1

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

We spend so much time worrying about succeeding without accepting that the journey is one that will encounter struggles. These struggles help us appreciate the success we achieve as well as keeping us grounded and modest towards our achievements.

“…the earth will be inherited by my pious worshippers…” [al-Ambiyā’: 105]

We look into the life of the Islāmic elite to see what sets them apart from the rest of human society. Why is it that they are the beloved of Allāh and why is it that they are destined to always inherit the earth?

Discover the essential Islāmic teachings of success and transform yourself. Become the better you that you’ve always wanted to be. Achieve those goals that have till now seemed unattainable. It’s your time to shine. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Topics include:

  1. The Secret to Motivation, the Heart of the Matter
  2. Finding Direction in a World of Infinite Options
  3. Discipline: the Fuel of the Elite
  4. Modeling or Breadcrumbs on the Road to Success
  5. First Things First: Never Losing Sight of the Goal
  6. Never the Same or the Art of Constant Improvement
  7. Mind Over Matter: the Source of Unlimited Potential
  8. Burn the Boats or Unwavering Commitment: the Essence of the Irresistible

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for all who desire to improve their condition and achieve their true potential. No prior knowledge required and all other requirements to be provided.


Moulana Muaadth Allie is the Director and founder of The Sakinah Foundation, Co-Imam at the Castle Town Road Masjid, Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN). Marriage counsellor, Cape Town Muslim Events and The Knowledge Zone resident lecturer, Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual adviser. Teaching since 1998

Online: Via Zoom Webinar

Investment (per person) Fee includes:
  • Notes via Whatsapp or email for online students

Once Off Fee – R250.00 per device

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Cape Town Muslim Events (CTME) Education Institute is not funded and we do not collect donations in any form. The course fees are used to cover all the running costs of our online and onsite establishments. Your attendance at these courses has many benefits of not only your personal development as a Muslim but you’re assisting in the development of others by enabling Islamic Scholarship to remain relevant and a positive force in our world. In sha Allah Shukran #teamctme

O Allah, I ask Thee for BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE, acceptable action, and good provision.” (Al-Tirmidhi).

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